Thursday, August 4, 2011

Before & After

Shannon Ditmer, Phat Girlz client has just went Pro in Figure! We are so proud of her!

Summer Time!

Summer is coming to an end sadly enough which means it's time to get back to the grind! Check out our website for our newest specials. We are currently running a special for GPO if you buy 16 weeks, you get 4 extra weeks for FREE!! This means you get our undivided attention for 4 more weeks...tell me you aren't excited about that?? Also, take time to explore our website. It has been revamped to provide GPO in the easiest, fastest manner possible. You can find everything you need to about our website and encourage everyone to take a look at it. Also, check out to see what other exciting things we have going on. AND don't forget ....All Women's Weekend & Big Shott Classic is Oct 1st in Charleston, SC. It's not too late to join the competition! Tickets are now on sale so whether you want to compete or spectate, it will be an exciting night! My staff and I look forward to seeing you there! Congrats to Phat Girlz Shannon Ditmer for going Pro in Figure. Check out her transformation!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our ladies!

Get ready!!!

So who's ready for the 3rd annual All Women's Weekend and Big Shott Classic on October 1st?? It' coming sooner than you may realize and I look forward to seeing you all through your transitions onto the big stage! We are running some awesome summer specials so check out my websites at,, and for the latest and greatest deals. As always, I want to thank all my GPO members for being apart of my team and for making a commitment to yourselves to put your health and happiness first!! It is a great joy for myself as well as my GPO staff to work one-on-one with each of you and watch you all meet your goals. Keep up the hard work and enjoy your Fourth of a July's right around the corner. Be safe!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16 2011

GPO is rocking and we are very proud of all the clients we get to interact with every day! So many of our clients are amazing. Our staff is also incredible and we are so blessed to do what we do and touch the lives we can! Many of you know that GPO got a new face lift ( and it is continuing to expand. Get Phat Community is only weeks away from launching. We are so excited. For info about Get Phat Community email John at and ask him how you can be apart of this amazing addition to our business.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April 1st!!

Hard to believe that it is April already! The tulips are coming up in NC and the weather gets warmer every day...We have been working really hard on the new websites for and YOU have to check them out! Next we will be working on,, and Right now it's one thing at a time!! Our new staff members have added discipline and strength to the over all business. We have consistant monthly meetings, everyone pitches in and does their part, AND get this, there is NO DRAMA!! Now we are getting things done! Heck ya! Amazing what happens when you bring the right people together. The staff that has been around a couple years are also much happier. We are a happy family! OUR staff truly cares about each other, our clients and mostly "JEN". Enough said! We invite you to check out the sites, email any suggestions or changes you might have. Also, know GET PHAT Community will be coming soon. YOU will love this!! Have a blessed week and let the month of April be your best month yet. Rock It!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arnold International

It has been a while since you all have heard from us at Get Phat Online but we just experienced another trip to the Arnold International that takes place each year in Columbus, OH. Look at our ladies!! We had 10 amazing women compete this year and we are so proud of their hard work, dedication and accomplishments. Two of our ladies, Morgan Spoon and Stephanie Krohn placed 3rd in their classes. Please visit our website for our latest specials that we have going on. Our GPO team is working hard to constantly bring new ideas to the table for you all to experience! We wish you health, happiness and success!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Get Phit Studio Grand Opening August Special! Free Gifts!

Get Phat Online is rocking and rolling, everyone is in place and doing over the top work. Its like a puzzle, its all mixed up on the table and then BAM its put together and its beautiful. I am grateful. WE are running a couple specials in honor of the new studio, here they are :
Get Phit Studio Grand Opening August Special! Free Gifts!
Sign up this month with Get Phat Online and get a Free Fruit Punch Quake and a Free Get Phit
Studio water bottle. There are 3 ways to get this deal!
1- Purchase 12 weeks for the price of $1,000 of customized diet, training, and nutrition and receive free gifts
2- Purchase 8 weeks of nutrition OR training OR cardio for $400 and receive free gifts
3- Purchase Quake and a water bottle for only $49.99 plus shipping!
Payment plans are available if interested or have additional questions please
Or visit / Also make sure you check out all the new transformations.
Just a quick update on Jen Walton,,,she is down 86 pds and still rolling, WE ARE so proud of her and inspired by her determination. Heres a current pic!
Have a great weekend! JEN

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congrats GPO Client Kimberly Vincent

My name is Kimberly Vincent. I live in Kinder, LA.
I got started with the live phat program a year and a half ago. Then went into the phat girlz program. I did 16 weeks of live phat then 12 weeks of phat girlz which led me to my first show.
I definitely would not have been prepared or had known what to expect for my first show. I had been to shows before but obviously that doesn't prepare you. They prepared me for everything from what to have packed on me to when and how to get a tan. Also the support is awesome. That first show was June of 2009. I wanted to compete again this year and figured I would be okay to try this on my own. I was wrong! So I ran to Jen and her girls again to get me to another show this year.
I have learned alot about myself through this journey and am still learning not just about how my body responds but about who I am and what is dear to me. I am and have always been a pretty independant person but I have come to realize ( and admit) that I need support too. Not just with GPO but in my life and with my goals.
I had a few goals coming into GPO. One I wanted to compete to see if it was something i wanted to continue. I've never been on stage for anything, so I knew i would have some fears. I am a trainer myself. I manage a health club and hope to own my own one day soon. So I also want creditablity. I want to take my body to peak condition because everyone says once you have kids or once you are older, you will never have your body back. And you know what they are right! I don't want that body back. I look and feel better now than I ever have in my entire life after having 4 boys by c-section. And lastly.I secretly want to work for Jen one day. So I know i have a long way to go! lol
I would say that i have accomplished these goals. I am not where i see myself but all I can ask for is to look better each show. And I think I am doing that. I learn each time I'm on stage and what I need to work on.
The biggest thing I've learned about myself is I like to have a goal, something to strive for. I want to teach that to my boys. You want something you go out and you fight for it. Life is full of failures but its how we percieve those failures. I choose to learn from them and fail my way to my goals. " fake it till you make it baby!"
Next I have a show in 4 weeks and plan to do Jen's show in October. My goal has changed of course and I would love to compete ( and belong )on a national stage one day.
I know this is a great program first hand. I have met Jen and Latisha in person and you see right through them. What you see is what you get. No sugar coating...Thats an awesome thing! I figured I didn't need the program as much as I did last year, But I may need it more....Now I am spoiled! But seriously, They give you a plan customized for you. You do it! Focus on getting the job done and the results will follow. It's focusing on action and performance rather than "is my butt getting smaller". I trust Jen and her girls and whatever she says I do. They know their stuff and the best part is you will be crazy tricks to help you pull it off. I appreicate that!
If you have ever thought of competing before, you should do it! If you are scared and I was don't have be. You dont have to figure it all out on your own. Everyone needs a mentor someone who has been where you want to go and knows how to take you there. That's GPO!

Congratulations GPO Client Lori Hernandez

A Big Congratulations to Lori Hernandez!!!!!....Please read Lori's Testimony below


Have you ever known those people who you see at the gym who give 100% but nothing ever changes with their body, well that was me. I love working out, I love sweating, and loved those interval workouts on the elliptical, oh yeah that was me.

I started working out in 1998, joining every weight loss program out there, hiring personal trainers and through this journey I might have lost some weight here and there, but it would eventually all come back sooner or later. I even set out to get my Personal Trainers Certification in hopes to learn and understand what I was missing. But yet, something wasn’t clicking. You can learn every exercise out there and read every book about dieting, but putting the two together in unison was the hardest part.

Out of the kindness of my husband’s heart and the hardest thing to say without making me feel bad, he suggested that I go to Phat Camp hosted by Jen Hendershott. Of course with every word, came apologizes. He wanted to assure me that he did not think I was fat, but knowing my struggles and frustrations he knew that Jen, being the two time Ms. Fitness Olympian, he decided that I should give her program a shot. Why not? What did I have to lose?

So I set sail for Ohio, hoping this was the key. Wow! It was the best weekend ever: filled with workout routines, nutritional facts and most of all, girl bonding. It took me to a new level and to a better understanding of what true fitness was all about. I talked with Jen every second I had available. I needed to pick her brain and have her help me understand what I was doing wrong. Graciously she asked me if I wanted her to train me. “OMG, are you kidding, absolutely!”

Jen and I started my new virtual training program in Oct of 2009, weighing in at 176.5. After the first 3 months, dealing with work related obstacles, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I still was able to comprehend what I needed to do. I was learning how to eat clean, mix up cardio routines and use weights that built muscle and burned fat. Viola! it finally all clicked. I learned what “cheat” meals really meant. I learned to eat vegetables, like asparagus, which I never dreamed in a million years I could eat, but it was surprisingly good. I learned the difference between good carbs and bad carbs. I was losing weight and getting educated at the same time. Could this be possible?

Within 3 months, I had already seen such a huge change in my body. Co-workers, people at the gym and even family members, all started committing on how great I was looking. That was the best feeling ever!

Well, here I am 6 months later weighing in at 155. I have realized that the number on the scale is truly just a number. On the other hand, my body looks, feels and functions better than it has in years (lots of years). Did I mention that I can fit into my 16 year old daughter’s jeans? Did I mention that I am more physically fit than my 16 year old daughter, who now is jumping on board with this great program. Not only has my experience with Jen helped me physically but also the mental tools that she has instilled in me will continue with me long after gravity takes its toll on all my hard work.

Phat Camp started it all. I can never say Thank you, enough to Jen Hendershott, for not only helping me mentally, and physically, but for also educating me along the way. All Though Jen was not at the gym with me physically, she was in my head every step of the way. She is so motivating; up lifting and fun to work with, I can never say enough about her. If anyone is looking for a new experience and a fresh start on working out I would, and do recommend Phat Camp. Not only because it has changed how I view my own life but also because of how everyone around me is impacted by the transformation of my own well being.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congratulations GPO client Shannon Ditmer!

Congrats to Shannon Ditmer for her hard work and dedication to make her dreams come true.

When we asked Shannon about her goals for this show her response was simply " I would like to place in the top 15". I am happy to say Shannon left the show with placing 10th and achieved her goal and her dream. This is what we strive for at GPO to have our clients BELIEVE in themselves PUSH themselves and ACHIEVE their dreams and be the BEST they can be!

We are so proud to call Shannon our client.

To learn more about Shannon visit

Thursday, July 22, 2010

GPO Client Transformation...Traci Norton

Congrats to GPO Client Traci Norton on her amazing transformation. Read more about Traci and how she has changed her life these past 9 months! We are so proud of her!
What is your name and where are you from? My name is Traci Norton, I'm from Naples, Florida.
When did you join Get Phat and how long has that you have been consistantly in the program? I joined GPO last September and have been training with them ever since!
How did you hear about Get Phat ? I heard about the program through another client turned competitor, Shannon Ditmer.
How much did you weigh when you started? How tall are you? How old are you?
At the start of the program, I weighed in at 200 lbs. I am 5'8" and 37 yrs old.
How much do you weigh now in these amazing transformation pictures?
I am currently 138 lbs!
What is the biggest thing you have learned during the program about yourself?
There are really TWO things I have learned during this process:
The first, Patience truly is a virtue! I did not gain that much weight overnight and it certainly does not come off that quickly either,but with dedication, drive, hardwork and inspiration from my awesome trainers,,,,,and you guessed it~ plenty of patience!!~ I accomplished my 1st goal of losing 60lbs, actually, I surpassed it! Which brings me to the second thing, I now know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!
What is the best part about being in Get Phat Online?
The best part about being part of Get Phat Online is knowing that I am being trained by THE BEST!! Jen and her staff are professionals~ Professional trainers and professional athletes! I didn't just enter my height and weight and get a printout of what a computer thinks I should be doing. Each day, each week is carefully planned out for me and my specific goals. I have access to each of them by phone, text or E mail anytime I have a question or concern. They want me to succeed and they are there every step of the way!
What are your next goals and have you accomplished what you set out to do when you first signed up?
Well, in the next two weeks I will be switching over to "Phat Girlz" to begin contest prep for my 1st figure competition,,,Jen Hendershott's All Women's Weekend and Big Shott Classic in South Carolina on October 23,,,,,I will turn 38 that very same day!!
What advice do you want to tell others who are struggling to lose weight?
Advice that I can share with others~ First,Have a game plan! Even if you are unable to have a trainer or be in a program like GPO, do some research, pick up some fitness magazines and make a plan for yourself to follow your cardio and weight training. I see too many people at the gym doing alot of walking around and looking at the machines, but they just aren't sure what they should be doing! Second~DON"T GIVE UP! We hear this all the time, but if you have a plan and the mindset, and you stick with it, even through the rough days,,,,(and there WILL be some!) YOU can make you're dreams a reality! I encourage anyone wanting to look and feel their best, to give this program a try, these ladies will have you working out like never before!
Anything additional you would like to say?
A huge thanks to all of my trainers, Jen, Janet, John, Heidi, Latisha and Sandy,, You are the BEST!
We wish you the very best Traci with your journey. YOUR a true inspiration for many who are reading this and to all of us here at Get Phat Online. Congrats on what you have already done and best of luck in the future. WE are excited to continue this success. Jen, Latisha, Heidi, Sandy, John, and Janet!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get Phat Online...News, News, News!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds you each well and having an awesome summer. WE have had lots of changes with in the company and with myself these past couple months. WE have brought in lots of new staff and everyone jumped in feet first and are rocking. I am very proud of them. The staff that has been around with me have really showed their true friendship and loyalty. I couldn't do it with out them. They are wonderful and very unique people. I thank God for them!

As you know I am moving into my new studio next week and super excited. www.getphitstudio.comThis will be the home of all my businesses and where my staff works from each week. Anyone can come train with an appointment and believe it or not,,we are booking up fast. Everything is brand new, the floors , walls, doors, equipment, you name it...its will love it! It's very classy!

I am writing my next book which will be out by Jan 1st (I hope), I am hosting my 2nd Annual show in Charleston on Oct 23rd ( and getting ready for a busy fall traveling season. Competitors NOW is the time to begin your training for the show and submit your entry forms. It is going to be a great time and I encourage you to experience the GPO way of putting on a show!!!!

Get Phat Online has made some awesome changes also and we are at our all time high of clients and still growing. I want to THANK the clients for their patience during our changes and for their endless support. WE will honor the 16 weeks for 12 week special if you write us and tell us you read our BLOG! . You can contact John at

Everyone have an awesome July and email me if you need anything, , chat soon!
Love ya all, JEN

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1st Bikini show for Heidi and the Arnold Classic in Ohio March 4-7th!

Want to be inspired? Check out this article on Heidi McFredrick, PHAT GIRLZ Bikini Competitor. She is a full-time mother of 4 and wife. She is full of life and shooting for her first Bikini show at the Arnold Classic.

~GPO Team

Monday, February 1, 2010

Calgary 2010

These girls rocked camp!